We ask one finalized league schedule be submitted by your league representative to avoid any duplicate games and discrepancies between dates/times/locations. Deadline is 1/15/2020.

Please use the designated scheduling template below to send the entire league’s schedule to CASOA using the guidelines listed below. You may also enter NON-League games onto the schedule for official assignments. Current template below MUST be used in order for it to download into Arbiter. Any downloaded templates prior to the date listed below will NO longer work.

Tournaments may be submitted on a separate template saved with the tournament name and date submitted (see instructions below). Please note that CASOA does not track stats per league, only games scores.

SCHEDULE TEMPLATE – Download the current scheduling template here (any versions prior to the date listed will NO longer be valid): VALID AS OF 3/11/2020 – CASOAGameImportTemplate03.11.2020

SUBMIT SCHEDULE – After reviewing the guidelines below, please submit your schedule here: CASOA Game Import Site 2020

CONTRACT FOR HOSTING SCHOOLS – CASOA Contract for Officials download here: 2020 Contract for CASOA Officials  When completed, please send to

All schedule changes must be submitted more than 14 days prior to original game date and will still need approval before it is confirmed. If a forfeit occurs, the forfeiting team’s Athletic Director must notify CASOA more than 72 hours in advance through email otherwise they will be held responsible for all associated game/officials fees.
Please complete the form link: Game Change Form 2020

Enter all the information into the Game Import Excel Sheet for your entire league’s schedule. Please save the Excel Sheet as “LEAGUE NAME_SUBMISSION DATE MMDDYYYY” (example: CASOALEAGUE_01152020). Please do not abbreviate your league name as we have several leagues with the same letters. Note, assignments of officials is not guaranteed for all games. Templates not submitted properly maybe delayed in approval.

*Please submit your schedule along with your 2020 CASOA Officials Contract for invoicing and assignment fees (see below). Invoices/billing will be sent to host schools.

Entering data into column (for click dropdowns, cut & paste will not work):
  1. Date – Enter games by chronological order. Enter format as MM/DD/YYYY (example: 01/01/2020).
  2. Time – Enter format as HH:MM AM/PM (example: 05:15 PM).
  3. Game ID – Please leave blank.
  4. Custom Game ID – Please leave blank.
  5. Partner – Please leave blank.
  6. Sport – Click dropdown arrow and choose HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS STUNT.
  7. Level – Click dropdown arrow and choose GIRLS VARSITY.
  8. Home Team – Click dropdown arrow and choose the home team. If a team is not listed, please leave blank (do not type in the school). Please contact CASOA with team.
  9. Away Team – Click dropdown arrow and choose the away team. If a team is not listed, please leave blank (do not type in the school). Please contact CASOA with team.
  10. Site – Click dropdown arrow and choose the location where the game will be played. If the site is not in the list of Sites from the template drop down list, please choose TBA. Please contact CASOA to get site added.
  11. Subsite – Click dropdown arrow and choose the subsite at the location. If TBA is chosen as SITE, please choose TBA as subsite.
  12. BillTo – Click dropdown arrow for the party that is responsible for paying official and assigning fees (who is being invoiced for the fees). Please make sure this is accurate for your league/district/section.

If any cells are highlighted in RED, there is an issue with the information. Please review the guidelines above. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact CASOA.

FINAL League Schedules are due to CASOA by 1/15/20.

  1. League games should be scheduled on weekdays.
  2. Start time of games should be no earlier than 5pm.
  3. A minimum of 3 consecutive games must be scheduled on a given date (this does not mean the same team needs to play all games – please refer to our game scheduling format below for options).
  4. Games should be scheduled every hour (example: 5:00 pm, 6:00 pm, & 7:00 pm).
  5. Facilities need to be available 1 hour prior to first game start time.
  6. Teams will be required to have a minimum of 6 games on their league schedule to be considered for the section tournament.

The below are different options of how to format your games on a given day.

Example 1: Round Robin Format
Game 1 – Team A plays Team B
Game 2 – Team B plays Team C
Game 3 – Team A plays Team C

Example 2: One host school with multiple teams playing
Game 1 – Team A plays Team B
Game 2 – Team C plays Team D
Game 3 – Team E plays Team F

Host school will be responsible for all assigning and official fees for the games on their hosting date. Payments can be made directly to officials. Otherwise, please send payments to CASOA.

League schedule must be submitted by ONE representative. This is to prevent any discrepancies between schools, locations, dates, and times. It streamlines the assignment of officials for all games. Schedule submission window is 12/15/19 – 1/15/20. Any schedule submitted after January 15th is not guaranteed. All schedules submitted are final pending approval. Once CASOA confirms the availability of officials they will approve your league’s schedule, you will be notified.

The proposed schedule for a tournament must be submitted to CASOA no later than 4 weeks prior to tournament date. Confirmation of the tournament will be 2 weeks prior to tournament date. Exact
teams do not need to be submitted on a schedule until 1 week prior to tournament date. Please use scheduling template and submit above. When submitting to CASOA, please label Excel Sheet as NAME OF TOURNAMENT_DATE OF TOURNAMENT MMDDYYYY (example: CASOATournament_01012020).

2020 Hosting Packet
2020 CASOA Officials Contract for Schools

If you have any questions, please contact CASOA at